Rental Property Investment

At Forsyth Residential Lettings we believe that a rental property which gives a steady income to the owner and provides much needed housing for the tenant is a win win situation.  For this reason, we make nurturing good landlord/tenant relationships a priority.  A property that is well maintained by both owner and tenant, while increasing in value, is a very good investment for anyone looking for an income stream going into the future.

Whether you own a single unit, or multiple properties, having someone to assist with this journey, whether you live close to your property or far away from it, is of great comfort to owners.

The current market landscape is dominated by talk of ‘BTR’s – build to rent schemes.  This is a direct response to the tardiness of successive Governments to build social housing and is taking the heat off the high-pressure area which is the demand for rental properties, particularly in Dublin.

Many BTR’s are owned by institutional landlords and are also managed and serviced by institutions built with long-term rentals in mind.  Residents share communal spaces, such as lounge areas, but have their own private en-suite bedrooms.  

The aim of BTR is to provide an affordable alternative to independently rented accommodation – the traditionally preferred rental method in Ireland.  However, they are slow to come on stream and those that are here are proving unpopular, particularly to the increasing number of professionals now working from home.  It is envisaged that it will be many years before BTL properties have the desired effect of taking the heat out of the rental market.

Many commentators would argue that we are becoming a state of over-regulation and under enforcement with the Government making knee jerk legislation which confuses rather than makes being a landlord easy.  This, as we have seen, has increasingly encouraged exasperated landlords to sell up rather than keep up!  Unfairly, large numbers of tenants seeking new accommodation are doing so as their current landlords have given notice that they are selling.

That’s not what we want.  We want landlords to stay in the business.  We want to be there to advise and assist and point our landlords in the right direction whether we provide full management or basic letting on the property.

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