Tenant Information

Renting Through Us? What You Need To Do

  • REFERENCES: Supply us with: proof of identity/proof of current address; proof of income; employer’s reference and a previous landlord’s reference along with your PPS number prior to move in.
  • Pay one month’s deposit and one month’s rent in advance – by bank transfer. With our help Tenants must set up a standing order to pay the rent monthly into the landlord(s)’ account.
  • Having taken meter readings you must transfer the gas and electricity into your name. Tenants must look after the TV cable company and phone company. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that the utilities, are put into their name and that bills are received for same.
  • Tenants with TVs are responsible for having a TV licence and all tenants are responsible for paying any water charges if re-introduced.
  • Stamp Duty where applicable is payable by the Tenant. (Where rent exceeds €3,333.00 per month, ie €40,000 per annum, stamp duty is charged at a rate of 1% plus €12.50).
  • Unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement pets are not permitted in rental properties.
  • Inspections may be carried out from time to time during tenancy
  • Tenants are responsible for insuring their personal property.

Please note that any data collected by Forsyth Residential Lettings will be used with discretion, not passed to third parties without consent and disposed of by shredding and deleting from cloud storage when no longer required. In passing this information to us you are permitting us to share the information with property owner where deemed fit.